Eliminating cancer with Dark Antigen™-directed immunotherapy

The Ervaxx mission

To capitalize on our proprietary insight into Dark Antigens™ to deliver targeted, off-the-shelf cancer vaccines and other immunotherapies to treat and prevent cancer.

Ervaxx is exploring the hidden depths of genomic dark matter to discover and characterize novel antigens selectively expressed by cancer cells. We are pioneering approaches to target these Dark Antigens™ for the design and development of off-the-shelf, cancer-specific vaccines and other immunotherapies.

Ervaxx is leveraging expertise in bioinformatics, immunopeptidomics and immunology to develop a differentiated technology platform designed to explore and commercialize this new and expanding antigenic repertoire to combat cancer.

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Our team

We have established a core team of scientists, entrepreneurs and industry veterans to drive our research, development and clinical success.

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